Astral Messages Now Available

Sometime today, my 10th book will be available via the Amazon sites both in Paperback and in Kindle formats. Astral Messages is a collection of poems and short articles from my blog Asteroth’s Domain organized in such a way that each poem matches and supports each article. The subtitle of the book – is the poetry and thoughts of a troubled mind…..

I think astral Messages contains some of my better poetry and by linking up the poems with articles such as The Art of Dreaming, The Measurement Problem and Relationships as a Mirror to your Soul,it may make you think and probably provide some things on which to meditate.

Later today, the Kindle version will be available on Amazon and later this week the paperback. For now, it can be purchased at the Createspace store.

Astral Messages uses poems and blog articles from my long standing blog – Asteroth’s Domain – in a discussion of reality and magic. We are all magicians willfully creating our realities and this selection demonstrates how this touches all aspects of our lives – yes, even our socks!

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