Who Wants An Apocalypse?

Is it just me that grows weary (understatement) of those people who are all of the time posting end of the world doom and gloom stories? The internet is rife with these scare mongers (who half the time are promoting their recent book on the same subject and surely don’t believe a word of their own nonsense but rather hope that you will buy their book and line their posckets). Many are ‘born again’ types who seem to believe they will be bodily removed from the Earth as the rest of us die an ugly and prolonged death for our sins. The arrogance of these people is unbelievable.

Let’s get something straight. For as long as history has been written, people have been seeing the signs of the End. Yet, that End has never arrived – at least not in the form envisaged. If you go online and find someone peddling one doomsday scenario you will quickly find that they are peddling and have been peddling end of the world nonsense for years already – always wrong but always ready with a new story to cause fear. I really would like to be charitable to humanity but people are you really this gullable? are you really ready to be taken in by all sorts of ridiculous garbage such as found on the internet? Surely not?

end of world

I can only surmise that many people actually want an apocalypse. The born again types do because they think they are off to heaven to spend eternity in pretty white blouses and matching wings singing hymns of praise. Reminds me of the terrorists who happily set off bombs to kill and maim sure in the knowledge they are about to get to heaven and screw a bunch of virgins for eternity. Both groups are absolutely insane and in times of better social welfare would have been carried off by men in white coats in vans with square wheels to some secure location where they couldn’t harm themselves further.

There is this view as well, that if there were to be a nuclear war, people would survive. It seems as if the people who talk about this stuff really do see it as an opportunity. I must conclude that education is an issue here. No one survives a nuclear holocaust and only an insane person would want to to be die a slow and horrible death poisoned by radioactivity. This weekend a friend of mine described a program he had seen about people who believe they can ready themselves for survival. One man was expecting to be able to find his stashed money, food and clothing using GPS on his cell phone! I’m not even going to comment on that stupidity.

Thanks to China Daily for this one….
end of the world 2

Let’s get a couple of things straight shall we?

1. We are living in a time of change and its difficult for people to experience change but the change we are going through is significantly more like a growing awareness of our plight and growing understanding of our ability to create reality (see, for example, Apocalypse-How for a clue or two)

2. If enough people want the end of the world then they will make it happen – that’s how reality works.

So, if you don’t mind, I am going to imagine a really great world and I ask you all to do the same. Let’s create something good. It’s so much harder to create something positive and good and so much easier to make up totally ridiculous stories regarding our demise….So, let’s all work a little harder shall we?

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