Magical Practice and Imagination

Sometimes the thought of meditating and conducting what amount to tortuous mental exercises is less than compelling. It takes effort, it is repetitive and you can go for weeks without any meaningful results. But there is no way out. You can’t learn magic from a book! It has to be via hours and hours of practice. Sometimes, I go for days without doing formal exercises instead practicing various things like pore breathing and so on in those moments when I have some time. After a while, I make a renewed effort to get formal again. The plain fact is, its pretty bloody tedious.

The biggest part of magic is imagination. You simply have to be able to imagine and to see/feel/hear things that you imagine. One exercise I practice all of the time is visualizing a fire. I try to see it, feel the heat, smell the smoke, hear the twigs crackling. I find that sometimes, it is tough to visualize something so I imagine that I can. Yes, I imagine that I imagine something….. weird eh? But you know what it works. Why? Well, because magic is mostly the ability to imagine as I said before. Mediation helps get you into a state where imagination is easier. Its a sleepy sort of state in which the body sleeps but the mind is awake. In this state, your imaginations may take on a life of their own. Suddenly, you are not imagining but experiencing. Careful though, don’t jump when you realize this as it will destroy the state of mind that allows this astral wandering.


In reality, I think imagination is 50% of magic. The other 50% is understanding the laws that govern this reality/actuality and that involves delving deep into your own pysche as well as understanding energy. A topic for some other time.

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