Aghhhh – Nothing Fits

I am struggling with weight gain as I have previously blogged. However, today, in anticipation of going to Florida Tuesday, I tried all 12 pairs of jeans and casual trousers I have. Now, just 18-months ago, every single pair fit me as of today just FOUR pairs do…..Just 4!! How the hell can this happen? How can I add 3 inches to my waistline in a little over a year while eating less and exercising a bit more? By quitting nicotine is how.


Luckily, my shorts still do fit and hopefully, that’s all I need over the next two weeks. When I get back its a crash diet and more exercise for me….I can’t afford clothes right now.

Meanwhile, who has read that JK Rowling tried to sell a book under a different name? (See cover below). It got good reviews – very good in fact but was barely known and had only sold 1500 copies. Then they let the cat out of the bag and said novel is now rocketing off shelves and climbing the charts. So, what can we learn from this? That there isn’t much hope for the rest of us? I dunno, all it takes is a little luck and some positive visualization! I’d be happy to sell 1500 copies of The Last Observer (he lies….).


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