WitchHazel’s Review of The Last Observer

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For some time now I have been thinking about reviewing books, but never quite managed to start doing so. All that has changed following my receiving a review copy of a forthcoming book.

“The Last Observer” is an amazingly absorbing story about the nature of reality and it’s manipulation. It focuses on Stan, a man who finds the world he can create in his head is far more satisfying than the mundane world we all live in, and how he gets drawn into a dangerous world where people want to use his imagination to change the reality we all know.

While the story itself is very well written, with characters you can relate to from the start, what I found most intriguing was the application of quantum theory to place the more fantastical elements of the story into a rational, plausible plot without overwhelming the reader with jargon or feeling like it was jarring or detracting from the events going on around our lead characters. Indeed, this is the first fiction book in ages that has made me want to investigate a topic further.

I love a book that draws you in and lets you submerge yourself in the world it creates around you, much like Stan, but this book had me actually leaning in, desperate to turn the page and find out more.

For those of us of a magickal persuasion, the concept of using the mind to change the reality around us is familiar, and Dr Vasey writes with authority about the techniques without getting bogged down in ritual for those who are unfamiliar with the practices.

In short, this is a well written book that grabs you from the start and doesn’t want to let you go. I can’t wait for you all to read it and see how much it makes you question your own reality.

“The Last Observer” will be published August 30th by Roundfire Books.

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