Sex Sells II

One of my first posts here was a tongue-in-cheek discussion of writing and publishing books – I used the title sex sells because it does – just look at that category erotica and you will understand that these books sell. Well, tonight, I posted an article to my Czech Republic travel blog. I thought I would check out the stats while there…..

First the good news. The blog is getting a hell of a lot of visits. So all my hard work and photographs of Czech castles and landscapes, witty posts about Czech lifestyle, culture and politics was actually generating interest? Of course not. No.

One post was generating 95% of that traffic and the stats tell the entire story. Google is bringing in a lot of that traffic on search terms like “Czech Porn”, “Czech Pornstars”, “Why so many Czech Pornstars” and the like….. lovely! Yes, it seems that the one article I wrote on the blog ranting about sex tourism in Prague and my utter distaste for the unwanted attention this brings to my adopted homeland is attracting those visits. Titled “The Sex Industry in The Czech Republic“, my attempt to denigrate the topic has actually become the blogs biggest seller. Yes – sex sells.


Actually, I wouldn’t mind at all if it got a few Google clicks and generated some revenues but has also decided that this article is an offensive porno piece and it stubbornly refuses to display ads on that page! Well, never mind, these folks will read some of the higher brow material on the site right? Wrong apparently. The article has a 99% bounce rate meaning people come (apologies) to this article and then exit the site. Perhaps they feel cheated to discover that what they thought was going to be a titillating article about sex in Prague is actually a rant against exactly the type of person that is coming in to read it.

But I do enjoy the irony……

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