Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Rocky and I just got back from a walk up the hill here in Prague. The sun is shining and its already warm….. Rocky, who thinks he is a dog, marked every lamp post while I surveyed the city lying in the valley below. It’s a nice city that is for sure. The view and the walk gave me some perspectives on things.


See, I just quit my high powered and highly paid job. It feels good not to have to deal with that stress any more nor have to worry about the silly staff issues, politics, owners, forthcoming regulations, keeping costs down and so on…. But I face a new challenge because I am going back to running my own business with a partner from Houston, TX. The stress now will be can we make enough money each month to pay ourselves! I guess I should be scared shitless but to be honest I am calm. I reckon everything will work out just fine. It usually does and that walk has put me in a calm mood.

What I would really like to do is to write. For that I need an audience. I’m not worried about that either for some reason as I suspect I will find an audience too in good time.

On days like today, I am reminded of that silly but so right song – Don’t Worry, Be Happy!


I intend to be…. now, I must do some work.

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