The Last Observer Reviewed….

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Here is some of what author Anthony Peake has to say about The Last Observer…

Gary tells a classic tale of mystery and suspense but weaves within it a series of themes that would be at home in any modern physics text book. He masterfully uses his own extensive knowledge of modern magical rituals to create a tale that is both mysterious and intriguing. However the mystery soon gives way to something far more sinister and terrifying, a terror that explodes into a finale of epic proportions in which the fate of the universe itself is at stake.

Once started this book cannot be put down and once finished you may just find yourself checking the shadows to catch a glimpse of the Lord of the Elements.

Anthony Peake

Anthony Peake

.Anthony Peake, author of Is There Life After Death? The Extraordinary Science of What Happens When We Die and many
other books.

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