Prague Spring?

Occasionally, a pattern sets up in life and you wonder what could be the meaning. Recently, say since November last year, if my daughter isn’t sick then I am. Colds, flu, pneumonia etc. You name it, it’s been a visitor here. Unfortunately, this causes all kinds of problems. Hoe do you keep an executive level job where your signature commits the company when you are mostly at home?

When our daughter is sick, it means one of us must stay at home and be ‘mum’. I love doing it actually. I really feel much closer to my daughter these days but how much holiday time can I take before I am in trouble. For Gabriela, the issue is in some ways worse, she is rather new at her job and has a week less vacation than me. You see, we have no family here in Prague and our search for baby sitters has been fruitless. The woman who claimed she could do two days a week has been unavailable ever since! So, after two weeks with granny, one week with auntie miles away, we are stuck.

I’m beginning to think that someone is trying to tell me something…….but what? Maybe the job simply doesn’t agree with me?

Anyway, there are other benefits. Like I said, spending time with Deni is a pleasure and helps form a deeper relationship. I also get to think, meditate and read a bit more than normal which is all good.

Today, for the first time in ages the sun is shining and the sky is blue. Out of the back window I see spring flowers. a change is in the air. Hopefully, as the seasons change, our battle with minor ailments will also change? I already feel something. Hope? Anticipation?

Spring is coming to Prague.

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