Looking for Likes

Its a strange world. Here I am looking for likes on Facebook. It’s all about social networking and marketing you see. I’d like to get 500 likes before my new novel is published in around 3 months time. Trouble is, without the book, a cover, or anything other than a description, its tough to attract people to like the page. As time goes on, I can start to unveil some details, a cover, an endorsement, the first paragraph etc. but for now all I can do is ask people to like it on faith….

You can help me out and like the Last Observer page here. Many thanks….

And, if you feel really generous, here is the FB page for my last book – The Mystical Hexagram – written with SC Vincent….

And, just to be totally complete – for this blog!!!

Let me know if I can return the compliment……..

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