The Flame of Desire.

Fire is the first born and fire is like desire. The desire to know, to understand, to be who you are. Once this fire is lit it will burn even if that burning is just a smoulder. This is why people say that ‘they will light a fire’ under someone. They mean that they wish to see more desire. This search must start through contemplation – inward looking searching for the real Self. This can take many hours, days, weeks even years or more but in the cloud there is the light of knowing. In the center of your darkness it is doused with the light and as that light extends outwards and through your soul more and more is exposed. Many will stop at the first flicker not liking what they see or rejecting it and choosing the world they know instead. But some, some will go on lighting every crevice and every hiding hole until all is exposed. As this process occurs, something else begins. You start to notice the outer world. On the one hand you understand the hideous, tortured reality of the outside but on the other you begin to notice the things that had been hidden before. And in the noticing comes an acceptance and an understanding – one begins to truly experience life. Things change at the center and that change ripples out changing reality – your reality. The process has truly begun. The mysteries begin to unfold. From time to time, the outer world will try to suck you back in. It may even succeed – for years – but then some small thing, something tips the balance and the desire is back. The fire bursts again into flame……


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