Soul for Sale?

What do Jimmy Saville and Lance Armstrong have in common? They both fooled everyone for quite a considerable time and both were considered heros. I feel a deep sense of disappointment and outrage regarding the pair of them and others like them. They are not alone. Without perhaps subscribing to what I consider to be rather silly conspiracy theories, I have long suspected that many successful people have ‘sold their souls’. No, I am not saying that they wrote some contract with Satan or Elizabeth Hurley! I am simply saying that at some point either their quest for fame led them to do things that otherwise they may not have done in order to succeed or perhaps, having succeeded their egos got so engorged with fame, they decided they could act anyway they pleased. They were somehow above any laws and normal standards of behaviour simply didn’t apply to them.

If we create our own realities – which I propose that we do – then these people’s realities were heavily influenced by their desire for success, fame or whatever.

Is it wrong to want to succeed? No, it is not. Visualizing or imagining one as successful is in my opinion just fine but hopefully it is done without an ego-tainted desire (shall we say lust?) for power or whatever that makes it OK to abuse self or others along the way. And, once successful, shouldn’t that success have some purpose other then mere self-gratification?

If you have read Frabato by Franz Bardon, you will be familiar with his description of a powerful black lodge. At all times the Lodge has 100 members and every year a lot is drawn and one of the Lodge is killed to make way for a new recruit. Each new recruit is provided with their personal demon who will ensure that whatsoever they desire will be theirs. The Lodge he describes is just one of many worldwide. It’s tempting to wonder as to whether such black lodges exist and I must admit, when someone famous dies I do wonder – did they draw that year’s lot? Compare that with the rumours rife in London and elsewhere since the 60’s which are now a subplot once again in the Saville case – satanic cults with paedophile needs that perputrate Government and High Society….Makes you wonder.

From my point of view, I know quite a few people in and around the esoteric or ‘occult’ and all of them I would characterize as not seeking fame nor fortune but most often living ordinary lives and quite often struggling financially. Once again, it comes down to motivation. These people are not motivated by ‘things’ by money, fast cars, drugs etc. They know these things are an illusion designed to trap us into the reality created for us. Instead, these people work to free others and help them to create their own realities.

I think the World is full of people who somehow have sold their soul. Either for success or power or perhaps just to remain asleep. The latter, the vast majority, are there to be the tools of the former it seems… Meanwhile, I remain convinced that the true reality is inside of us and it is boundless. We simply need to seek inside of our selves. At the same time, we must know ourselves – every wart – because we are all human and we can all succumb if not constantly on our guard….

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