New Books and New Schools by SC Vincent

There are times in one’s life when events seem to take on a momentum that renders them unstoppable. Sometimes we can see what the catalyst may be, others we simply have to take the time on trust and see where it leads. There are times when life seems to go completely pear shaped and we appear to be losing all we have held dear… only to find that as we relinquish our grasp, reluctantly or willingly, on the life we thought we knew, the changes are wrought and new beginnings, new adventures come in.

For me, personally, this year has been one of great and fast movement. We submitted the Mystical Hexagram to Datura some months ago, as one does. At that point my life was vaguely familiar.

In the short time it has taken to go from the submission of the book to it being newly on sale, my life has been swept utterly clean and a fresh wind has blown in to ruffle my preconceptions and turn life upside down.

It is, looking back, a current that has been building for some years, swirling and eddying in the corners of my life almost unnoticed, and certainly not understood.

Writing The Mystical Hexagram with Gary was certainly a pivotal point. It helped to open new doors within me, which is, after all, the purpose of the book and the exercises it contains. That the doors opened so wide and so quickly was surprising, but it seems as if the Inner had its wn plans, just waiting in the wings for the right moment.

While Gary and I were waiting for the publication of our book, I began another project, painting a new Tarot for a new School of Consciousness that was taking shape in the mind of Steve Tanham, a very senior figure within the Servants of the Light and Grand Counsillor Emeritus of the Rosicrucian Order AMORC. As the ideas took shape, Steve left SOL with Dolores’ blessing to found The Silent Eye, following a long and insistent dream of his own. Working on the Tarot with him it quickly became apparent that this was something special, something very fresh and new, though still embracing the ancient wisdom and teachings.

After much heartache at the thought of leaving SOL I finally accepted Steve’s invitation to become co-director of the new school, seeking to bring the ancient Mystery teachings into a form more readily available and acceptable to the digital age in which we live.

Steve wrote, in our Charter of Intent, “It can sound pompous to say that we are trying to create something new, something different. We view ourselves as no more qualified than those light-bearers who came before us, who taught us so very well. We reach for something new because we must – we have been bitten by a serpent and given a vision of a teaching for an age, and that dream we chase to bring it to manifestation . .” And that sums up the ‘why’ in a nutshell. We are driven to build this new school by an inner impulsion that brooks no ignoring. “This knowledge is not new – it would be the poorer if we had created it. It comes from Masters of the ancient past. But we can attempt to give it a new life and a new language for the digital age. And we dare to do this.”

I can do no better than to echo his final sentiments.

Please wish us luck.

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