We Create Our Own Horror

Found a very interesting website tonight and thought I would reproduce this article as it is exactly what I believe to be truth too…..

Consider the following:
Our thoughts have potent creative power. We create our reality by thought. This is fact, even if but few people know about it. Because of the time factor we experience in the 3rd dimension we live in, we rarely see the connection between thoughts and their realization. You can find out by being watchful and attentive, even over longer periods of time.

Now think about the movies, TV programs, books, journals and other publications of past and present years. Think of the public taste, the tickle of people’s nerves, that has to increase more and more, so that they would be able to feel something at all, so that they can be a little amused, astounded, or frightened. The more crime, force, horror and other catastrophies you see, the more your soul and senses will be tickled. To such an extent our hearts are shut close!
Whoever realizes, that we have been playing with fire? That we have burned ourselves and others and it brought a lot of money. We are like a child that has found a live hand grenade and thinks it’s a toy to play with.

After Sept.11th, 2001 you could read in the newspaper, that there has been a book published years ago, describing a catastrophy exactly like the one that just happened in New York. Besides the possibility of criminal people using those stories as a guide, or the fact that terrorists may get inspirations that way: When the readers consume these books, when people see horror movies, they think about those scenes, relive them over and over again in their minds, each time filling them with energy – that is the stuff creation is made of! This way fiction will come into reality, no matter where and when, and that is fact, that is Cosmic LAW. All things created by men have previously been thought of.

WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY – we are no innocent victims. We carry full responsibility for our thoughts, our feelings, our words as well as our actions and we will be held responsible for them, until we learn to think, feel and act LOVE.

Knowing that, we should begin to think thoughts of harmony and beauty. Children should be tought in school to be aware of their thoughts. We should avoid the tales of horror and destruction – they should be eliminated from movies, TV and literature, as they pollute our minds and our hearts.

This sounds like an illusion? Look at the state of our home planet! Look at the state of world affairs. If we don’t make the first step, there won’t be a chance to make any others! I for myself have not consumed any crime or horror movies for years and will not do so for good. Someone has to start up with it!

From: http://www.puramaryam.de/messagehorror.html

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  1. So true, if only more would realize this. Then again, it is you who taught me this. But over time, I have proven to myself that this is true aswell. I am very attentative and even more analytical. So everywhere I go, I look out for the reactions of the actions that took place within me, without me.

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