Science and Occult Worlds Collide?

More and more these days scientists are proclaiming ‘discoveries’ that occultists have held as truth for thousands of years. Recently there have been a spate of articles regarding hand shape and behaviour – none other than scientific endorsement of palmistry. Now there is research on the effects of meditation which scientists agree helps people cope better with depression and a range of other issues as highlighted in this BBC story. But the list is endless. Quantum physics, human psychology, astronomy… you name it and if you do your research we find that science is confirming many occult principles.

It’s exciting to live in an age where occult principles are becoming more accepted not just by mainstream society but by science too which has long been at odds with the occult. Just go to and look at the self help category. Now its full of best sellers with titles like The Secret and so on which simply draw upon age old wisdom – occult wisdom. But there is a problem. The mainstream’s adoption of occult principles and practices is often done for purely selfish motives and without the required practice of techniques. Occult training is life long. In most occult schools, the initial course can last upwards of 5-years and that’s just the basics! To be an occultist one must have a broad range of knowledge not generally taught today.

But my point is that we are beginning to see a merging of worlds here. And if you agree with me on that then consider this question. If science is only know coming to these realizations how is it that occultists have known these things to be true for thousands of years? What is it that affords occultists knowledge of that kind?

I’m about to tell you.

This is the real SECRET.

Everything outside of you is inside of you. You already have access to all the knowledge you could ever want or need – it’s there inside of you. Accessing it takes practice, dedication, the putting aside of the ego, silence and will. But access it you can. You create your own universe. You do it unconsciously every single second of your existence. Imagine that you could do this consciously?

If this interests you. If you want to know a bit more then might I suggest that you purchase, beg or borrow a copy of my book “Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul” where you will find an account of how I made some moves in that direction. It’s written in plain English – no Mumbo Jumbo. It’s not perfect and there are other books you could read and should but this one was written to demonstrate to anyone how the occult works and what an impact it can have on your life. Forget that nonsense about the occult being evil… you are simply unlocking your own potential – finding your self – and understanding your role in the whole. The Church has always resisted that because if you could only find that out who would need Church and Priest? Science has always poo-pooed it too but now has the audacity to claim credit for it! Hollywood made the occult into something it’s not to frighten and entertain you.

The key to occult practice has always been meditation in quiet and solitude. Now Science says meditation has benefits! Read hat article again for yourself at the BBC. Do some research. Wake up to your own potential. Break free from the bonds and chains of servitude to causes and beliefs that are pure fiction and placed there to CONTROL you.

It’s time……

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