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Indian Hermit – 70-years Without Food or Water

The BBC has a short video story on an Indian hermit who is being examined at a hospital because he doesn’t appear to have eaten or drank in 70-years. Instead, he claims he gets his energy from meditation. Worryingly, he is also being examined and watched 24-hours a day by the Indian military who want to find his secret for potential military uses. My thoughts on this are as follows… I have no doubt that living without the need for food and/or water is possible and that forms of meditation can provide the necessary energy. One only has to read the books by Franz Bardon to understand how this can be achieved. My second thought is that the Indian military are wasting their time. These techniques take decades to master…

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Bardon’s Mirrors

Recently, I decided to start working the exercises in Bardon’s Initiation into Hermetics. I am starting at the very beginning in which one of the exercises is to essentially spend a lot of time noting all of your weaknesses and faults. These are then matched to one of the four elements and also to a level of seriousness of fault. One then repeats that for positive qualities and these become Magical Mirrors of the Soul. Let me tell you its an interesting exercise. At first, its problematic to come up with qualities actually either negative or positive but after a while and, through indirect inquiry of others, you start to get pretty good at it and my lists are prolific already (and I am not done yet!). I’m afraid I

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