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A Request…

For those who visit this blog please take a moment to send a little healing light in the direction of my parents. My father, who is 81, is struggling with multiple myoloma and going through his second treatment – the first was extremely successful 8-years ago but he is a tad older now….. and for my Mum who at 75-years is of course dealing with everything. Many Thanks, likeheartlaughterwowsadangry0

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The BIG Question

You know, I get it. I do. But in getting it I find I don’t quite actually get it. God is love. Truth is truth. I AM. My self is eternal and it observes and it thinks in mind. My mind is My Kingdom and the Self is the King within that Kingdom. I need little but desire much in interacting with the material world. My will counteracts my desire falling back to what I need not desire. My desire unless controlled though will traps me in this world and thus I make mistakes. Through Love I have to accept and acknowledge these and make amends. Yes – its all good stuff. But something is wrong here and I do not know what it is….. This all supposes I act

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The Gospel of Thomas

Just recently I have seen a lot of movies at home and I couldn’t help seeing some coincidences in terms of the movies and my thinking at the moment. Lets take for example the Bruce Willis movie – Surrogates – isn’t this a good analogy for how most of us truly are – dead? We are surrogates hiding behind our masks and facades pretending to be people we really are not because we are afraid to be who we actually are or we simply don’t know… we are the dead, we are surrogates. Anyone who has read my book – Inner Journeys – will also recollect that as a child I used to have the idea – strongly envisioned – that I was a surrogate. Hooked up to a machine

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