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Weird Tales – OtherWorld Poetry on LULU

My first poetry book is now also available from LULU. Pop over and take a look…. likeheartlaughterwowsadangry0

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Inner Journeys on Kindle

Inner Journeys is now available for the Amazon Kindle reader device. Check it out using the widget opposite. likeheartlaughterwowsadangry0

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What Do We Really Know?

The more I think on it the more I realize that certainty is an illusion. History was written by the winner, the news is provided with a spin and other people are opaque. We know nothing for certain. It used to be that the internet might provide information but it too is now othing but opinion and scare mongering. Nothing can be relied upon. We have to look inside ourselves for anything of value – anything that can be relied upon – but it too is colored by our ego and personalities. So in the end, if the past is a colored view and the future a fancy, what do we have left? Simply to live in the moment….. likeheartlaughterwowsadangry0

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