More Thoughts On Reality

It is funny how sometimes life brings you continually back to a certain point. Right now I am back to trying to complete the book on the Hexagram with Sue Vincent. It is as if I am being forced to address the idea that I need to do this. It is compelling – something is compelling me to continually revisit and write this damned book. In doing a little bit of research I came across a fascinating video… watch it below….

Now why would I be looking at strange stuff like this? Simple – physics says 10 dimensions, occultists say 10 emanations.

I understand the video. I’m sure you will too. The question I have is this;

Why is my consciousness in this dimension and place right now? Why not somewhere else?

If I as an observer create my reality …ooops… realities, why am I here creating this one and not somewhere else creating another? Or am I?

If you have any thoughts either comment or go over to and start a discussion thread. I am all ears….

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