The Descent Into Reality

I have been giving a good deal of thought recently to a variety of topics that came up during my 5-year SOL course. Reading through my own meditation notes, some things suddenly make more sense that they did before. It’s prompted me to start out on a certain path with enthusiasm again.

One idea that struck me is that the Tree of Life gives you a great insight into reality. First, lets assume that Kether already exists – and let’s discuss the tree in terms of developing an idea and turning it into reality. Kether is the source but as the tree unfolds down into Malkuth, things become more set, more constrained. Yes- the tree evokes an unknowable number of possibilities but how does it actually work?


If I have an idea and set out to turn that idea into reality, I go through a number of steps. First, I have the Idea itself – the Eureka moment. But in order to have an idea, I must have some form of drive to think and ponder and I must have some concept of turning an idea into more than an idea… so I am already through Chockmah and Binah by the time I have the idea – I must be since Chockmah provides the desire to create and Binah provides me with the concept of forms. Without these, I can’t possibly have an idea since I just am – Kether.

So my idea. Let’s imagine my idea is to design and build a house. I must first have the idea of a house – this is my Eureka moment and it must take place in Chesed. My idea gets refined and refined in all its details, each is tested and either accepted or discarded (Geburah) and then as I go down the remainder of the tree I am polishing, adding further details and solving problems as they arise. Finally, I have my blueprint (Yesod) and must now take that blueprint and turn it into reality via construction (Malkuth).

None of this is truly a mystery but as thought about this I understood that the further in the process I go, the more constrained reality becomes. When I started with the idea, my house could have been anything, made of anything, look like anything and so on but by the time I am complete, I actually have something and that something was constrained utterly by the decisions I made and the laws I formulated to calculate issues like load factors and so forth.

So our reality is constrained by ‘laws’. Those laws were created by the creator of that reality and reality is constrained to what it actually is. Free will was a part of the process of moving down the Tree but in the end, the step between Yesod and Malkuth doesn’t include free will anymore because I have so limited myself with constraint. As Asteroth told me “There is consequence in Action”. That consequence is that I constrain and limit my creation. I create rules and laws and formulations to construct something real and tangible.

Which brings me to the concept of time. In Kether, a point of being, there is no time – it is timeless and eternal – it simply IS. I simply AM. But as soon as I start to move down the Tree, as soon as I create the idea of dimensions my point becomes a line. One point becomes an unlimited number of points along a vector or direction. In other words, my being now has movement and in having movement I must have a concept in which I can observe such movement – TIME. Time is therefore a human construct, it is a constraint on which reality is based. In actuality, time does not exists because I simply AM. I simply EXIST. But in order to start a process of creation, I need a rule, a marker, an angle with which to experience and that is time. Time is a basic constraint on reality.


The idea of creating something and needing to become more constrained in order to do so is nothing new but this thought process started me thinking (of which much more later). The cycle of life and death, creation and destruction is something that we should closely observe and meditate on. There is a lot of occult knowledge embedded in that process.

The next step then is how can we use this idea? Can I take the Tree’s process and use it in my everyday life? The answer to that question is that we do. We do it naturally and without thought because it is what we are – Co-Creators. The next step is surely to recognize this fact and, in creating, align ourselves more with the Divine Will?

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